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Pam Cohen, Acting President, opened the meeting inviting Wendell Jones to offer the invocation and Jim McGown to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  In the spirit of major league baseball spring training happening throughout the Valley of the Sun, Ray Smith led everyone present in singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."
There were several guests present.  Among them were Samantha Rosenberg (Jack's granddaughter and Frank's daughter); Colton and Sandra of the Westwood High School Interact Club; Bob Yates from Calgary, Canada; Mike Grandjean, a former member now living in the State of Texas; Carolyn Jones; and Dan Coons introduced his wife, Colleen, her sister, Juday, and her brother-in-law Bob Roller.
Wendell Jones won the attendance drawing on the third try.  Owners of badge number 16 and 8 lost out as their numbers were drawn prior to Wendell's.
Robert LaBarge handled the weekly drawing.  Colleen Coons won the small pot of $51, but did not draw the Ace of Clubs so the large pot, now at $1,026, will continue to grow.
Next week will be the Club Assembly.  March 29 and April 5 do not yet have speakers confirmed.  Steve Ross would appreciate any suggestions and/or help making contact with potential speakers.
Bob Zarling paid happy bucks for receiving ten tickets for the Tuesday, March 20, Phoenix Suns basketball game against the Detroit Pistons.  He gave them to the Gilbert High School basketball team in appreciation for their service as referees at our annual spring olympics and Salvation Army bell ringing shifts they worked for us at Bass Pro last November-December.  
  • Don LaBarge reminded members that throughout our district, when it comes to community service, we are known as "the ditch digging club."  He has an event coming up in April to plan fifteen trees at the Save the Family facility in Mesa.  Volunteer help is needed and lunch will be provided.  Westwood High School Interact students will help.  Volunteers who have appropriate tools should bring them.
  • The Club Leadership Academy is coming up April 21.  The club will pay the cost of registration for anyone who wants to attend.  That offer is extended to all club members, and is not restricted to the 2018-19 leadership team.
  • The April 19 program will be about the Arizona Museum of Natural History located in downtown Mesa.  Members are urged to attend and learn about the museum as we will be hosting our Sponsor Appreciation Night at the museum on the evening of April 25.
  • May 5 is a date that needs to be reserved for our annual Spring Olympics, which will also be a Cinco de Mayo celebration at the home of John and Jane Benedict.
Dan Coons had an auction item from a trip to Springfield, Illinois.  Bob Jones from Canada was the most generous bidder.  He was delighted with the first gift he pulled from the bag - reading "Four score and seven years ago..." from a mug from the Lincoln museum.  There were a number of interesting mementos, one of which held one of Bob's favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln, "The better part of one's life consists of his friendships."  He chose not to read the copy of the Gettysburg Address, which was among the treasures.
Pam turned the program over to Ed Koeneman for our annual Youth Programs Day.
President Allan began the meeting by inviting Darl Andersen to offer the invocation and Warren Williamson to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  Noting that there were a number of past and future District Governors present, he asked them to stand and be recognized.
Guests introduced at the meeting were:  Tom Hallison - District Governor 2006-007 from Columbia, Washington; Jim Erikson from the Superstition Mountain Club to serve as DG 2018-19; Carolyn Jones; Judy Webb, a member of the E Club of Kansas; David Simmer from the Sedona Club to serve as DG 2019-20; Dick Thomas of Sun Lakes Rotary; Jackie Hildebrand from South Bend Indiana, and Bert Millett, Attorney and former/future member.
Judy Webb pulled the chips for the attendance drawing, after chips number 38 and 60 (belonging to absent rotarians) were drawn, she drew Dan Coons' chip making him the lucky recipient of $10 since no winning chip was drawn March 1.
Steve Ross handled the weekly raffle, announcing the weekly winner would receive $60 and if they drew the ace of clubs would win $974.  He had Pam Cohen draw the winning ticket.  She drew Chuck Flint's ticket number.  When she drew from the deck of cards on Chuck's behalf, she drew the king of clubs, so the large pot will continue to grow.
Steve Ross briefly explained the buck board for the benefit of guests present, then circulated to allow interested members and guests to purchase squares on the board.
Greg Okonowski collected happy bucks from:
  • Penny May who enjoyed fun in Hawaii with her sisters even though the weather wasn't great while they were there
  • Chris Krueger celebrated International Women's Day and was thankful for the many women and mentors who had influenced her.
  • David Simmer was thankful for the many Mesa West Rotarians he has had the pleasure to work with planning the Club Leadership Academy to be held in April.
  • Terry Diedrick had been in Costa Rica the prior week and when he returned he was surprised to see the Snowy Truck at Tim Troy's House.
  • Donna Goetzenberger was thankful that Dan Coons donated the cost of printing of business cards for outbound Youth Exchange Student, Yordi Miguel.
  • Wendell Jones paid happy dollars for the eight of their 42 grandchildren which have March birthdays.
President Allan and Secretary Polly had token gifts which they presented the Hilton wait staff in appreciation of the wonderful service they provide the club throughout the year.
  • The sponsor appreciation event will be held April 25 at the Arizona Museum of Natural History.
  • A club survey was distributed at the meeting.  Members were asked to complete their survey and either mail it in the envelope provided or bring it to the March 15 meeting.  Members taking the survey can remain anonymous.
  • Members were reminded to bring their recent issue of the Rotarian magazine featuring the 50th anniversary of Rotaract to the March 15 meeting.  Ed Koeneman is trying to collect as many copies as possible for use with promoting the Grand Canyon University Rotaract Club.
  • The March 15 meeting will feature our youth programs.
Jim Schmidt opened the meeting with Ray Smith directing those present to sing Three Mind Mice as it should be sung - in rounds!  Darl Andersen offered the invocation and John Pennypacker led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Visiting were Michelle from the Kyrene Rotary Club, Alex from Seattle, Wendell Jones' wife Carolyn, Daren Walker from the Mankato Club, and Aubrey's boys.  Dick Myren introduced Bob and his wife from Columbia Heights, Minnesota.  Bob had a club banner to exchange with Jim.
Badge numbers 53, 29, and 43 were drawn in the weekly attendance drawing, but since their owners weren't present, the $5 prize will roll over to March 8.  Our visitor from Minnesota drew his own ticket and won the small weekly drawing pot of $34, but since he drew the three of diamonds, the $913 in the large pot will continue to grow.  
Happy bucks were paid by Matt Rotty for the new baby that should arrive at their house in about two weeks.  Immanuel Beeson announced his wife had been gone for five days.  With six kids for him to manage while she was away, he was very happy she was back!  Pam Cohen had many people to thank for their help with the Steak and Beans dinner.  Carolyn Jones helped clean up.  Warren Williamson brought citrus and arrived early with Son Hee, who also helped with cleanup.  Daryl Bethea also helped with clean-up.  Daryl and Chuck Flint represented sponsorship campaign teams that performed well enough that they weren't supposed to work at the sponsorship drive celebration event, but they both clearly worked hard to make the celebration a success!
  • Members were urged to come and bring guests to hear the March 8 speaker, Judge Tommy Webb
  • Michelle Consodine, from the Kyrene Rotary Club, announced their Kyrene Golf Classic to be held Saturday, April 28 at Whirlwind Golf Course at Wild Horse Pass.  CLICK HERE for more information and registration. 
  • Bob Zarling brought a flag back from his recent Polio Immunization trip to Mexico where he had the opportunity to see a Van to take dental and prenatal care to outlying communities as a result of a Rotary grant.
The morning of November 8, 2017, the parking lot at Red Mountain Community College was filled with those of us anticipating the trip to Guaymas for the Hearing Aid Project.  As I had never been there before, I was unsure what to expect.  Several Rotarians from our club met us with breakfast items that were welcome at that time of the morning and a great way to see us off on our journey.
The journey ended up being a long one, especially for those on the bus.  The bus was stopped at the border for three long hours, initially being told that new paperwork was not filled out and therefore, they would have to return home.  Luckily, our Guaymas Rotarian friends were able to procure an email that allowed us all to continue.
The Mesa West Rotary Club, through its charitable foundation, is soliciting individual participants for our annual sponsor's contribution program.  All monies will benefit the project of your choice.  Through generous contributions we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those in our local and international communities.  To download a copy of the sponsorship brochure, CLICK HERE
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