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One of the requirements of the district grant that was awarded to United Sound and announced at our October 5 meeting is that members of Mesa West Rotary Club participate in a work project related to the grant.  The mission of United Sound is providing musical performance experiences through peer mentorship for students with special needs.  
The grant funds, which were matched by the Mesa West Rotary Foundation for a total of $4,000 will cover printing of the curriculum/music books the participating students use.  The work project will utilize Rotarians and their guests and participating family members to assemble and customize the curriculum books adding colored stickers to aid the special needs students in transferring what they see in the book to more easily play correct notes on their musical instrument(s).
A work project/social event will be held at the home of United Sound Executive Director and Mesa West Rotary Member, Julie Duty, on Friday evening, October 27, at 7:00 PM.  Wine and snacks will be provided. 
President Allan was pleased to open the meeting with a full house.  Jim Schmidt gave the invocation and Polly Cady led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ray Smith led all present in a harmonious rendition of "America, the Beautiful."
Among the visitors were Colton and Saundra of the Westwood High School Interact Club, along with their sponsor, Andrea Murphy, a new member of Mesa West Rotary.  Colton and Saundra explained the Purple Pinkie Project their club is doing to raise awareness of and funds to support Polio eradication efforts of Rotary during the month of October. 
Other guests in attendance were Don Kesner from Tempe Downtown, Norm Duve of Mesa Sunrise, Bill Beamish, Guest of Don LaBarge, a Four-Peaks Rotary Club Representative, Cindy Harrison, from Tucson Sunset, Christine Weeks, a former youth exchange student, Sakio Kamakawi (from Japan), Norm Duve, Yordy Miguel (an aspiring exchange student) and his mother, Aide Rayna.
Jim McGown won $34 in the weekly raffle, but made everyone else happy when the drew the 7 of diamonds, allowing the growing accumulating pot to keep growing.    After three badge numbers were called with their owners not present, President Allan declared that the $5 would roll over to be won by next week's badge number winner.
Steve Ross collected happy bucks, with the largest contribution coming from Don LaBarge, who was celebrating his 70th birthday, and the fact that Chris has let him know he is now old enough that she will no longer pester him about wearing his suspenders.
Chuck Flint explained the buck board for the benefit of our guests. 
Bob Kesner passed the district's Traveling Friendship Trophy from Tempe Downtown to Mesa West, explaining that we do not get to keep it, but pass it on to another club in District 5495 at their regular meeting.  
The speaker was introduced by Bill Beamish.  Sarah Hagerman is the President of ASU Rotaract and was sponsored by a grant from our district to attend the Rotary International Convention last summer.  Sarah opened her remarks by saying, "Rotary makes me feel good at the end of the day."  She said it was amazing how welcome she felt at such a huge convention.  She said it was like "visiting family she'd never met."
Key ways the summer benefited Sarah:
  • She found that being in the Rotary Family is a huge honor
  • She learned that (positive) change is happening in the world because of us
  • Leadership is scary, but worth it
  • Rotarians are all the same - wanting to do good in the world
  • Nothing is better than to know you are a part of something bigger than yourself.
In addition to attending the RI convention, Sarah talked about her experience participating in the Rotaract Round trip which started in Nice, France and ended in Paris.  On the trip, she stayed with local Rotaractors, and met Rotaractors from around the world.  She also attended the European Rotaract Convention. 
It was obvious Sarah was appreciative of the opportunities Rotary has given her, and that she is committed to Rotary as a way of life. 
Following the program, President Allan made a few announcements:
  • The October 19 meeting will be on the 8th Floor of the hotel in the Grand Canyon Suite.
  • With donations received and pending commitments, the sponsor program is now over $20,000.
  • A Guaymas Mission sendoff breakfast will be held at the Red Mountain Campus of Mesa Community College at 7:00 AM, Wednesday, November 8.
  • Don LaBarge announced that Mesa West is Partnering with Norm Duve from Mesa Sunrise to support Veteran's Day including the collection of peanut butter for the local food bank.
  • Don LaBarge also announced that while he appreciated the acknowledgment of his part in sending Rotaractors to the RI convention, that Bill Beamish was a key player in sending Sarah and the others to the Rotary International Convention.
  • The Traveling Trophy will be taken to the Camelback Club - date, place, and time to be decided.
Mesa West Rotarians, Don LaBarge, Polly Cady and President, Allan Cady deliverd one hundred 48-oz jars of peanut Butter to United Food Bank October 11, 2017.
The invocation was given by Jeanie Morgan, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Bob Zarling.  Ray Smith led everyone in singing "He Has the Whole World in His Hands." 
Among the guests were Carlos Sotos, from Argentina and an aspiring youth exchange student who was attending with his mother.  Carole Kralicek won the attendance drawing.  Warren Williamson was the holder of the lucky raffle ticket, winning $33 in the weekly drawing, but failed to pull the Ace of Clubs.  The growing pot is up to $427. 
The happiest donor of happy bucks was Polly Cady because she and Don LaBarge have finished a peanut butter project they have been working on.  Apparently, they now know more about how to make the best deal in large quantities of both creamy and crunchy spreads than they ever imagined they would want to know.  The also discovered that when purchased in large cartons, the weight and space were both overwhelming surprises. 
Don LaBarge delivered a District Grant check for $2,000 which will be matched by a like amount from the Mesa West Rotary Foundation for United Sound - a total grant of $4,000.  Earlier this year, new members were asked to submit grant requests for worthy projects.  Our member, Julie Duty, who is Executive Director of United Sound, submitted the winning request.  Rather than posing for a photo receiving the check, she wanted a photo of the members of Mesa West Rotary, so United Sound can give them credit in their PR communications.
Chuck Flint circulated the Buck Board after briefly explaining the background of The Rotary Foundation and Paul Harris Fellow recognition.  
Bob Zarling announced that October 24 is Polio Plus Awareness Day and encouraged members who had time to attend the webinar that RI will host that day.  He brought a Polio Plus Trick or Treat bucket, which was circulated for donations.
President, Alan Cady made the following announcements:
  • When attending Andrea Murphy's Induction at Westwood High School Interact meeting, the Interact Club was given permission to attend our October 10 meeting, raising Polio Plus awareness with a Purple Pinkie Day.
  • He reminded members of the Fireside Chat and Chile Cookoff to be held October 7 at Tim and Angie Troy's home.
  • He also reminded members of the Guaymas Sendoff being planned at 7:00 AM, November 8.  Mesa West will be hosting a light breakfast for members who can attend to support the team headed for Guaymas that morning.  The entrance to Red Mountain Campus of MCC is found on McKellips between the 202 and Power Road.
  • He also announced that the Sponsorship is nearly up to $19,000 including pledges and the deadline for the steak and beans competition has been extended through October.
  • Volunteers are still needed at the Midwest Food Bank the morning of October 14 from 9 to Noon. 
PDG John Pennypacker reminded members to sign up to attend the Foundation Dinner and to take time to read the items to be considered at the Council on Legislation which were recently distributed.
Steve Ross announced upcoming speakers prior to announcing the program which was presended by Dr. Scott Russell on Arizona Indian Tribes.  Dr. Russell is an anthropologist who has been an instructor at MCC for 30 years.
Dr. Russell shared some recent news articles showing "a month of news about Native Americans in Arizona.  Some of the information highlighted:
  • Native Americans represent 4.5% of Arizona's population, but reservations represent 25% of Arizona's land.
  • 25% of tribal children attempt suicide.  The challenge as cultural identity erodes is "Who am I?  How do I fit in?"
  • Pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of a situation that will impact health costs by letting tribes own their patents on new medications.  Because the tribes are sovereign nations, those medicines would never be able to be duplicated by generics.
  • Economic development on reservations is by necessity more socialistic than in the US as a whole, since the reservations are owned by the tribes, not by individuals.
  • Worldwide, indiginous people are not treated well.  Statistically, an average of two cultures are disapearing each week from our planet.  Native languages are disappearing.  With no land base, cultures disappear.
  • Coal mines on reservations create a challenge.  If they go away, jobs go away.  If they stay, energy production is more expensive.
  • Monument valley is beautiful and tribes are doing well there, but tribal people do not want tourism. 
  • Tribes along the Mexican border do not want a border fence.  Their people go back and forth regularly.
  • Some tribes are in the pot business
  • Diabetes among Native American population is highest in US.
  • Dropout rates are higher than in rest of state and performance of our schools is worst in nation. Lowest teacher salaries result in inability to keep talented educators but also indicate a poor priority of education in state budget planning.
  • Alcoholism being high is an overstated myth, but there is a tendency to binge drink.  Most Native Americans do not drink at home.
The Mesa West Rotary Club, through its charitable foundation, is soliciting individual participants for our annual sponsor's contribution program.  All monies will benefit the project of your choice.  Through generous contributions we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those in our local and international communities.  To download a copy of the sponsorship brochure, CLICK HERE
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