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Shown in the left photo are four Westwood High School Interact Club members who received scholarships from Mesa West Rotary Foundation at the recent awards ceremony at the high school:  While their is no requirement that recipients be members of Interact, this year all four recipients, Shakima, Valeria, Sandra, and Colton, are not only interact members, but have served as Interact officers.
Shown in the right photo are two Mesa Citizen of the Year award winners recognized at the awards ceremony.  On the right is Sandra Franco.  Sandra served as Interact Club Secretary last year.  This summer, Sandra will travel to Kenya as an Ambassador with the Interact Crutches 4 Africa mission.
Shown in the photo are three Westwood High School Interact Club Presidents.  On the left is Shakima Fagan, 2018-19 President.  In the middle is Hannah Mason, recently elected to lead the club in the 2019-20 academic year.  On the right is Colton Cagle, who served as club president in 2017-18.  Colton is wrapping up his term as 2018-19 District Governor for Interact District 5495. 
While serving as Club President, Hannah will also serve as an Assistant Governor on the Interact District Council in 2019-20.  This summer, she will travel to Kenya as an Ambassador on the Interact Crutches 4 Africa mission, delivering mobility devices to those in need.  
President Chris Krueger opened the meeting by asking Wendell Jones to offer the invocation and Pam Cohen to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  She thanked Dan Coons for serving as greeter, welcoming Rotarians and guests to the meeting.
Ed Koeneman introduced Greg Randolph, Scoutmaster, Abel Wild, a Scout nearing completion of his Eagle Scout requirements, and Rick Canon, Abel's Eagle Mentor.  
On the third and final draw, Brian Harvey's badge number was drawn making him the lucky $5 attendance drawing winner for the week.  Before turning the microphone over to Chuck Flint, President Chris suggested members sing happy birthday to Chuck, who apparently has age-related dyslexia, announcing it was his 47th birthday.  There is a new twist to the weekly drawing.  Because we had a big winner at our most recent regular meeting, the accumulating pot was starting over.  Both the weekly winnings and the ace of clubs winnings were announced to be $28 each in the drawing.  Chuck has added a new card - a joker - to the deck.  The holder of the lucky ticket drawn will win the small weekly pot and have two additional chances to win.  If they draw the joker, they will win $20 and the joker will go back in the deck.  If they draw the ace of clubs, they will win the accumulating pot and the drawing will start over again.  If they draw any other card. it will be destroyed, making the odds of winning big a little bit better each week.  Bryan Goetzenberger was the holder of the ticket drawn.  When he drew from the deck, however, he was not so lucky - he drew the seven of hearts.
Happy Bucks
Brian Harvey was happy to be able to attend a Mesa West meeting before heading to Baltimore for the summer.  When asked what the draw was in Baltimore, he answered that he has three amazing grandchildren living there that he loves spending time with.  Lots of people were happy to have attended the wonderful steak dinner on May 11.  Carolyn Jones was welcomed back after being gone for two and a half months recovering from a broken hip.  Wendell said she had celebrated her birthday two days prior to the meeting.  Warren Williamson was happy Carolyn was back, but now his own sister is in the hospital with her hip.  Dick Myren contributed a dollar, honoring Rod Daniels' tradition of being "happy to be a member of Mesa West Rotary."  Ed Koeneman was happy about a number of things.  He was happy school is out for the summer.  He was also happy to have Abel attend our meeting.  He is thankful he and Debbie will be able to attend the Rotary International convention in Germany this summer, and happy about the new home he and Debbie have recently purchased.  Chuck Flint was also happy about Ed's new home (he served as Ed's realtor).  Chuck said it is a very unique home with about 900 square feet of living area and 4,000 square feet of workshop.  Ed clarified that there were two air-conditioned garages - a 2-car and a 4-car garage.  Ted Williams confessed that he and Susan had left the spring olympics early because he was not performing up to his standard in the events.  He felt bad when he later learned that he had taken Susan home before she was recognized as the gold-medal winner in the women's competition.  Pam Cohen announced that the mortgage company she had been working for recently shut down their Arizona operation - the second time this has happened to Pam in less than a year.  She is now in the home warranty business.  Dr. Ron was sad that they had missed the Steak and Beans celebration.  His son had been in his first fender-bender that afternoon and needed Ron's presence.  Fortunately there were no physical injuries.  Frank Rosenberg contributed sad dollars.  His Apple ID and Cell number were stolen and put into use with another carrier.  If anyone needs his temporary phone number, he asked fellow Rotarians to send him a private Facebook message.  Chris Krueger thanked everyone for the very nice Steak and Beans Celebration.  She especially thanked Dan Coons and Team Ribeye as well as all Rotarians who participated in the sponsorship drive.  It was noted that John Pennypacker, the only member of Team Ribeye who was out of uniform at the celebration, now has his official Team Ribeye t-shirt.
  • Ed Koeneman announced Abel Wild's Eagle Scout project.  Abel is raising money to build sensory tables for two local elementary schools - Eisenhower and Whittier.  The tables will be used to enable special needs students to develop ways to process sensory overload.  John Pennypacker volunteered his hat which was passed to collect funds to support the project.   (Since the meeting, Ed reported that Abel raised $260 at our meeting and is just over half way to his goal.)
  • Don LaBarge announced that our May 23 program will be presented by someone he has been trying to get to our club for a long time - Jesse McGuire - the horn and saxophone player.  Don said Jesse might play one song.
Dan Coons' Team Ribeye crew were basking in their success at the Steak and Beans "No Ball Ball" Saturday May 11.  Their team won the competition in gathering sponsorships for the Mesa West Foundation this Rotary year.  
Team Ribeye gathered a total of $12,989 in donations and sponsorships.  Coming in second, was Terry Diedrick's team with a total of $6,710.  Steve Ross's team had a total of $2,450, followed by Chuck Flint's team with $1,900.  Team Zarling produced $1,262, Team Troy, $750, and Team Rosenberg $600.  $715 came in with no team identification.  Cheers go to our sponsorship program chair and co-chair who were not assigned to teams.  Allan Cady brought in $19,200 and Bryan Goetzenberger brought in $1,200.  The total campaign has produced $47,776 to date.
The results are impressive.  This was a fundraising activity that did NOT require gathering raffle prizes, renting a venue, and selling tickets, that the majority of the cost of which would not have benefitted our foundation and through the foundation the impact we can make in our community and our world.  Had we sold tickets, much of what we would have gathered in those ticket sales would have covered the cost of the venue, food, and other event-related expenses.  
Our donors and sponsors can feel confident 100% of their donated funds will be used to make a positive difference.  
Youth Exchange
(Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)
Rotary Programs open the world for our youth, while our youth light up the lives of Rotarians!
The morning of November 8, 2017, the parking lot at Red Mountain Community College was filled with those of us anticipating the trip to Guaymas for the Hearing Aid Project.  As I had never been there before, I was unsure what to expect.  Several Rotarians from our club met us with breakfast items that were welcome at that time of the morning and a great way to see us off on our journey.
The journey ended up being a long one, especially for those on the bus.  The bus was stopped at the border for three long hours, initially being told that new paperwork was not filled out and therefore, they would have to return home.  Luckily, our Guaymas Rotarian friends were able to procure an email that allowed us all to continue.
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