The meeting began with Ray Smith leading the club in singing My Country Tis of Thee.  Warren led the invocation and Polly led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Lissa, our new inbound Youth Exchange Student from Austria, drew the badge numbers for the $5 attendance prize.  At the time she drew, none of owners of the badge numbers called were present, but President, Allan used executive discretion to give the $5 to Jim Crutcher, when he arrived late.
Lissa also pulled the raffle ticket, and pulled Polly Cady's ticket, but the big pot rolled over as Polly did not draw the ace of clubs.
Jeff substituted for Greg to collect happy bucks.  Members present at the meeting were generous in their participation in this fun weekly activity.
The highlight of the day was the program.  Dan Coons introduced our speakers, Kegan Olson and Emilee Goetzengerger to talk about the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. 
Kegan told of her many colorful experiences during her year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Seville, Spain.  She also told of how the experience has changed her as a person.  In college, she wants to study psychology.  She wants to study abroad.  She plans to enlist int he military, and serve eight years as a psychologist.  She wants to change the world, beginning at her high school, Marcos de Niza, where she hopes to start an Interact Club. 
Emilee told of her planned year as a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Belgium, where three languages are spoken (Dutch, French and German.  She will be in the south, where French is the primary language.  She brought some Belgium cookies to reward Rotarians who could correctly answer some Belgium trivia questions she had prepared.