For twenty-five years, the Mesa Baseline Rotary Foundation and the Mesa West Rotary Club have sponsored a team of audiologists and doctors that conduct a medical mission to help the people of Guaymas, Mexico with their hearing problems.  Although the city has approximately 130,000 citizens, there are no ear, nose and throat surgeons, audiologists or hearing aid dispensers in Guaymas. 

Guaymas is a Sister City of Mesa. It is located about 450 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona.  We have worked at a school for mentally and physically challenged students, many of whom have hearing loss.  We have a test booth, clinical audiometer, impedance meter, hearing aid modification tools and otoacoustic emissions screener.
Each year, a group of specialists volunteer to go and conduct hearing tests and medical examinations, fit and dispense hearing aids and earmolds, fix hearing aids, and provide consultations on matters related to aural rehabilitation and education of students with hearing loss. To instill the spirit of volunteerism in audiologists, doctoral candidates from  Arizona State University and A.T. Still University join us for this humanitarian mission. To date, over 100 students have participated.
We test preschool-age children as well as adults.  Over a typical four-day period, two are spent in traveling to and from Guaymas while two days are usually spent seeing patients.  It is not uncommon to see between 300 to 350 patients within those two days.  All patients are given a medical examination and medicine by our doctors, a hearing test by the audiologists, and, if needed, are fitted with custom-made  earmolds and hearing aids.  Those already having hearing aids will have those aids inspected, cleaned and fixed or adjusted as needed.  Batteries are dispensed to those needing them and the patients are counseled on the use and care of the hearing aids. All services are performed at no charge.
Since 1992, over 4500 patients have been seen and over 3500 hearing aids have been fitted. 
Donations of hearing aids, batteries and supplies have come from various manufacturers and audiologists, as well as patients of audiologists in the United States. Donated hearing aids are reconditioned before being taken to Guaymas. Individuals, manufacturers and suppliers have also donated medical equipment.  Other medical equipment that has been taken to Guaymas includes wheel chairs, hospital beds, exam tables and chairs, bandages, syringes and general disposable medical supplies as well as medical books, office equipment and supplies.
The program does not require that the volunteers pay for their transportation or lodging but donations are welcome.  The Guaymas Rotary Club provides food and entertainment and helps in the arrangement of local transportation and lodging.  The Mesa West Rotary Club sends club members to act as interpreters and assistants to the medical team. 
Together, the cooperative work of many groups and individuals have made this Medical Mission for the citizens of Guaymas a very effective and efficient program helping those with hearing loss hear the best they can with the hearing they have.
The program coordinator, Robert Jensen, a now retired audiologist, has received national recognition for his efforts.  He received the Audiology Award in 2007 from A.T. Still University, Honors of the Association in 2011 from the Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association and in April, 2016, the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the American Academy of Audiology.
In 2017, we will be going to Guaymas from November 8th to the 12th. Volunteers are always welcome and other Rotary clubs are encouraged to help us through donations or participation through Rotary grants.
For more information on the program, please contact Robert J. Jensen, MS at or see our Facebook page at Ayudame a Escuchar.