The December 7 Meeting was called to order by President-Elect Chris Krueger.  Ray Smith encouraged members and guests to participate in singing "Silver Bells," which he understands was written with Salvation Army bellringing as their inspiration.  The invocation was offered by Ted Williams and John Pennypacker led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Darl Andersen served as the greeter.
Ray Smith won the attendance drawing.  Carole Kralicek brought a guest with her to the meeting.  He drew the ticket for the weekly drawing and drew Carole's ticket, making Carole the winner of the small weekly pot, but since she did not subsequently draw the ace of clubs, the $570 rolling pot will continue to grow.
During the Sgt at Arms portion of the program, Robert LaBarge paid happy bucks for learning the dental terms and vocabulary necessary for describing how to make certain linquistic sounds.  Dr. Ron Thompson verified the accuracy of what Robert was describing.  Bob Zarling paid happy bucks stating he will be gone for five weeks visiting Wisconsin.  Rod Daniels paid to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the date his former club merged into Mesa West Rotary.  Carole Kralicek announced she would have the privilege of  selling a collection of valuable western art.  Ted Williams announced the birth of his 56th grandchild.
John Pennypacker announced that he was sad to see that there were 5-7 people present who were not properly dressed.  The background for this statement was that in March of 1978, the Duarte, California Rotary Club was terminated from Rotary for  allowing a woman to join their club.   The Supreme Court sided with the Club and in 1987, Sylvia Whitlock became the first woman to serve as a Rotary Club President, presiding over the Duarte, California Rotary Club.  John distributed Silver Slipper Rotary Pins to the women who were present to celebrate the history of women in Rotary.
John Pennypacker auctioned a gift  which he had obtained at the recent Foundation dinner.  Tim Troy made the winning bid.
Don LaBarge announced that he had been able to fill every opening to date for the holiday bell ringing. 
Bob Zarling announced that the Interact Club Purple Pinky project netted $850 to fund polio eradication. 
The program was introduced. Scarlett Zinggeler has a longer history with Rotary than some of our members.  She was in Interact in high school.  She also participated in RYLA.  She was a Rotary youth exchange student in Poland, and recently, she became the first President of the new Rotaract Club at Grand Canyon University where she is a senior.  She is on the board for Rotex (past exchange students).
The Rotaract club was scheduled to have their first service project on Saturday, December 9.  They plan to have a purple pinkie project to raise awareness of the need for continued emphasis on the eradication of polio and to raise funds to support immunizations.   One of her personal goals for the Rotaract club at GCU is to develop a system where they can be pen pals with Rotaractors in other countries.  They plan to hand out water to participants in triathlons.  Tim Troy asked how many members are in their new Rotaract Club.  She indicated they have nineteen members.