Donna Goetzenberger is a relatively new Rotarian who has wholeheartedly embraced Rotary.  She is a host-mom for an inbound Rotary Youth Exchange student.  Her own daughter is spending this school year in Belgium as an outbound YE student.
She not only shows up, but actively participates in our club projects and social activities.  She went on the Gift of Hearing Mission, and participated in the work night for United Sound.  When the USA/Mexico Friendship Conference was held last November, she was an active participant in helping Polly and Allan Cady show the family they were hosting how Halloween is celebrated in Phoenix.
Even though Donna was inducted as a member a little over a year ago (in January, 2017) Donna is already very visible in Rotary beyond the club level.  Recently or coming up in the near future:
  1. She is signed up for the Mid-Year Webinar for D5495 Program and Committee Leaders
  2. She attended RYLA in Camp Pinerock January 12-15, 2018
  3. She is in charge of putting on the Outbound Youth Exchange Orientation Camp at Camp Pinerock March 24-25
  4. She will be attending RYLA, Camp Ponderosa, in April
  5. She will be attending NAYEN (a big youth exchange conference) over five days in April.  The conference will be held in Omaha, Nebraska
Her enthusiasm is inspirational, but if she is like most highly involved Rotarians, she probably feels like the benefits of cultural enrichment, new friendships, and the joy of serving beside like-minded individuals are more than worth every moment of time she has and will be investing.
Donna - a Mesa West Rotarian who embodies the definition of "Service Above Self."