Wednesday evening, July 29, Dan and Colleen Coons, Chuck Flint, Wendell Jones, John Pennypacker, Shelly Romine, Greg Okonowski, Jim Schmidt, Ray Smith, and Ron and Toni Thompson arrived at the Wells Fargo Branch located at 1860 East University in Mesa ready to go to work.  Shelly's friend Sonya Aguilera and her friend also showed up to help.
After a brief orientation, donning gloves and masks, the volunteers assembled in positions next to  stacks of preboxed food items.  They had fun in record-breaking heat placing the boxes into the trunks of cars for people in need.  
United Food Bank has been hosting these drive up food distribution events during COVID to keep exposure to a minimum for volunteers and food recipients.
These thirteen volunteers each worked 2.5 hours - how much value do you place on a total of 32.5 hours of volunteer time invested in performing a labor of love?  It's priceless!