Allan and Polly Cady hosted District Governor Omar Falcon Aburto and his family from Vera Cruz, Mexico for the USA/Mexico Friendship Conference held this past weekend.  They are a lovely family who they are enjoying very much.  DG Omar's wife is a Rotarian in an all women Club where she is also a past president.  DG Omar has 99 Rotary Clubs in his District so is a very busy man.

They have two children who are along with them - a daughter, age eleven, and their son, who is five-years old.  The daughter mentioned she would like to go trick or treating on Halloween since in Mexico they don't observe this tradition.  The kids picked out Halloween costumes and are very excited to go!   So in light of this, Allan and Polly decided to have a little get together Sunday night and show the kids all about pumpkin carving. 
Pam Cohen, Chuck Flint, Donna and Bryan Goetzenberger along with their daughter Paige and their inbound exchange student from Austria joined in the fun and dinner.  (It also happened to be Pam's birthday!).  As you can see from the first picture, Pam is showing our Mexico guest how to clean the pumpkin.  We then found a picture on the internet of a carved pumpkin the kids liked and Pam drew it on the pumpkin.  After dinner, the carving began and all the kids, Pam, and Mrs. DG took turns carving.  There was a lot of joking and funny faces with the light-up eyes used on the pumpkin.  You can see the end result!