President Chris Krueger opened the meeting asking Wendell Jones to offer the invocation and Jim Schmidt to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ray Smith led those present in singing "I've Been Working On the Railroad."
Lucinda General introduced her guest, Lola McClain.   Dr. Ron Thompson introduced Ryan Ellis with the YMCA. 
In the attendance drawing, Lola McClain first drew token #5 with the owner not present.  With her second draw of token #57, Jim Schmidt became the lucky $5 winner.  Chuck Flint asked Sharon Spane to draw the winning ticket for the weekly raffle.  She drew her own ticket, winning the small pot of $25.00.  In trying for the accumulating pot, however, she drew the nine of diamonds rather than the ace of clubs.  The accumulated pot of $52 will roll forward.
Happy Bucks
Dr. Ron served as Sgt at Arms collecting first from Allan Cady who was sad because Polly was not at the meeting with him.  He was happy to have spent time with our inbound Youth Exchange Student, Caiu, and helping him put together a list of activities he hopes to do while he is on his exchange.  Dan Coons will e-mail the list to all club members so they can volunteer to help make Caio's wishes come true.  John Pennypacker paid happy dollars because when he recently discovered he had a slab leak (which can be very expensive to repair) he contacted Terry Diedrick for a referral.  The referral worked out well and the repair was completed at a cost much less than anticipated.  Chuck contributed because he was happy to see fellow-member Sharon Spane at our meeting.  Pam Cohen donated a dollar since Dick Myren wasn't present to carry on Rod Daniels' tradition of being happy to be a member of Mesa West Rotary.  Jim Schmidt contributed celebrating his 41st anniversary, and very happy that Rosalyn still loves him.  John Bethea was present to pay happy dollars.  His oldest daughter, Gisele, and Cole Farnsworth were married this week.  Don LaBarge, like many other vets, is seeing Agent Orange problems related to his health.  He decided to go to the VA to file for benefits.  After spending LOTS of time there and needing to dig up records from a 1972 divorce, someone suggested he try getting help from the VFW.  He had gone there prior to the meeting and had a very good experience.  Frank Rosenberg and his family are enjoying hosting Caiu.  He said Caiu is very much looking forward to meeting more Mesa Rotary members and their families.  Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Jack Rosenberg after he paid happy dollars because of his birthday.  Chris Krueger paid happy dollars because she had come into possession of an American Express card.  Dr. Ron paid to get his card back.
Allan Cady announced that Isabel Clausen, President of Grand Canyon University Rotaract, had notified him they would be holding their first meeting on Wednesday evening, September 5.  It will be an informal meeting.  Pizza will be available.  Those who want to attend should go in the main entrance at GCU and ask for instructions on how to find the meeting location.  Pam Cohen reminded members she is trying to fill her table at a September 26 benefit luncheon for Child Crisis Arizona.  Doors will open at 11:00 AM for registration with lunch to be served at noon.  The event should be wrapped up around 1:00 PM.
Chuck Flint provided an informational presentation about The Rotary Foundation.  Their IRS 990 is available on their website.  He gleaned a lot of his facts from the most report that was posted - the return for 2015-16.  Gross income for that year was over $332 million.  91% of their expenditures were program-related, with only 9% spent for administrative costs.  Charity Navigator, which rates charitable foundations, consistently gives TRF a 4-star (their highest) rating.  Total assets of TRF on the 990 were over $1 billion.  Annual donations and return on invested assets provide the means to provide help to Rotary Clubs with global and district grants.
Chuck stated that he understands how members get confused when we talk about the foundation, because we actually have three foundations that we refer to in our club and often fail to differentiate which one is being talked about.  The Rotary Foundation is the big one.  Rotarians throughout the world are encouraged to participate in EREY giving (Every Rotarian Every Year) $100 or more to TRF.  The most efficient way to give is to set up a repetitive automated donation through Rotary Direct.  This can be accomplished by logging into "my rotary" on-line at or by completing a form.  Chuck conveniently had a supply of the forms available at the meeting.  A high percentage of Mesa West members were recently recognized as Paul Harris Society members - who had given $1,000 or more per year to TRF.  
Mesa Baseline Foundation is about $120,000 in size and its primary purpose is to ensure the Gift of Hearing Mission in Guaymas, Mexico will continue year-after-year.  The other foundation we hear about in our club is the Mesa West Foundation, through which we do community service.  Chuck explained there is one fund within that foundation which holds approximately $40,000 and is intended to be used for scholarships.  Chuck has enjoyed representing our Club and the awards night event at Westwood High School in recent years.  In the top 100 students at Westwood, none had a GPA less than 4.2.  In granting our scholarships, grades are important, but so is community service in deciding who will be awarded a scholarship from Mesa West Foundation.  The Mesa Baseline and Mesa West foundations will soon be consolidated, keeping the Mesa West Rotary Foundation name and IRS tax identification number.  
Following the meeting, Lucinda General provided a link to a publication on the RI website which is regularly updated to provide Fast Facts about The Rotary Foundation.  It is regularly updated with current information.  CLICK HERE to download the most current published facts.
TRF programs have touched the lives of Mesa West Rotarians.  When the Peace Fellowship program began, District 5510 had a candidate for the first class of Peace Fellows.  Members have been involved in RYLA - Pam was chair for six or eight years and involved over thirteen.  Rotary Youth Exchange Students are always there.  Members lives have been touched by Group Study Exchange experiences in the past and the newer New Generations Service Exchange program.  Rotary Youth Exchange results in close friendships with global friends.  Chuck has been to three foreign weddings of youth exchange students he has known.
Grant programs turn project ideas into reality.  Global grants must be sustainable projects that cost $30,000 or more.  District grants are for smaller projects with $2,000 maximum grant and $500 minimum.  Scholarships are provided to future leaders and philanthropists.
There are six areas of focus for The Rotary Foundation:
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Basic Education and Literacy
  • Economic and Community Development
Books could be and have been written about the work of Rotarians collaborating to accomplish good in countless creative ways close to home and across the globe.  As individuals, we can do little, but together, through Rotary, we have and will continue to make amazing differences.
The balance of the program was devoted to recognition for giving to The Rotary Foundation:
  • Ray Smith was recognized as Paul Harris Fellow +1
  • Chris Krueger, Wendell Jones and Frank Rosenberg were recognized as PH+2
  • John Benedict and Steve Ross were recognized as PH+3
  • Dan Coons was recognized as PH+3 and 4
  • Steve Ross was recognized as PH+4
  • Ron Thompson was recognized as PH+4 and 5
  • Greg Okonowski was recognized as PH+5 and 6
  • Allan Cady was recognized as PH+6, Major Donor and Benefactor
Other major donors (lifetime cash giving of $10,000 or more) were asked to stand.  Members were reminded that after the first $1,000 is received from a TRF donor, each additional dollar given is matched with recognition points that can be transferred in 1,000 increments to recognize others as Paul Harris Fellows.   It was noted that Ted Williams has recognized all of his children.  John Benedict has recognized his wife and both his children.
Chuck had the club recognition summary with him and invited members to stay after the meeting if they wanted to know their current recognition standing.