President, Chris Krueger opened the meeting asking Darl Andersen to offer the invocation and Don Boucher leading the Pledge of Allegiance.
Allan and Polly Cady were happy to have their granddaughters attending the meeting with them, and they were all looking forward to a California getaway to spend time on their boat and move on to some other activities while there.  Karen Estrada-Gonzales was introduced by Jeanie Morgan as a candidate for a grant from the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona.  Yordi Miguel, our outbound Youth Exchange student who will depart for Brazil on July 30 was introduced.  The winner of the attendance drawing was Steve Ross.  
Chuck Flint provided an update on the weekly raffle.  The small pot matched the prior week's record size at $125.00.  The accumulating large pot was up to $2,096.00.  He explained that the odds of holding the winning ticket were 75/1.  The odds of holding the winning ticket and drawing the ace of clubs was 300/1.  Yordi was asked to draw the winning ticket, and the ticket holder was Dan Coons.  Unfortunately for Dan, of the four cards remaining, he drew the six of hearts.  
Don LaBarge paid happy dollars for the use of Dr. Ron's cabin in Pine.  Dan Coons paid $20 happy dollars for an enjoyable family vacation in Taiwan. While there, they enjoyed meeting many of the Rotarians their son, Nick, had met during his Youth Exchange.  Dan said he would take time another time to tell about the Rotary Club that had hosted Nick and which he visited while he was in Taiwan.  Dick Myren was happy Mesa West was well represented at the celebration of Jerry Traylor's life.  Steve Ross was happy that he and Luin had celebrated their 37th anniversary on July 4.  He donated $100 to The Rotary Foundation annual fund to celebrate that special event. 
Jim Crutcher told about a policy of Berge Ford to employ autistic individuals.  One very special employee, Robert Stevens, who had been with them for three years passed away in his sleep.  He was only 49 years old.  The priest who had baptised him came out of retirement to conduct the memorial service.  Jim was proud that 68 of the Berge Ford employees honored Robert by attending his service. 
Allan Cady thought of a couple more things to be happy about.  This was the first meeting where Jeanie Morgan's banner was on display and he had a flag he had received from District 4185 in Mexico when he and Polly spent time with their friend Omar while at the RI Convention.  He reminded the club that we had participated with Omar's district with a wheelchair project where 4,000 reconditioned wheelchairs were distributed.  They are working on a similar project this year, and have increased their goal to 5,000. 
Don Boucher was happy to announce the birth of their sixth grandson.  Jeanie Morgan was happy to have a TRVFA Grant applicant at our meeting and also happy that Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation had given a $5,000 donation to TRVFA at their regular meeting.  Polly Cady was happy that the theme banner she thought had been left in Canada was found when they received Allan's dry-cleaning from the trip.  John Pennypacker was happy to have attended a Rotary Foundation meeting the prior weekend in California.  One of the takeaways was a 16-17 page document on how the new tax law will impact giving.  He offered to provide a copy to anyone who requested it.  He was happy he was going to see Tim McGraw in concert Friday evening.  Pam Cohen was sad that we would miss seeing Robert LaBarge who has relocated to Pinon, Arizona.
Steve Ross had an auction item from their recent vacation in Northern California.   Dr. Ron Thompson was the high bidder at $35.  In the bag, he found a San Francisco Cap, a bottle of Saki, earrings, and a very small shirt that he thought might fit his leg, but someone else speculated that it would more likely fit his arm.
Dan Coons introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Neal Lester, PhD, Founding Director, Project Humanities and Foundation Professor of English at Arizona State University.  This month marks his 21st year at ASU.  
Dr. Lester spoke enthusiastically about their Humanity 101 project which brings a variety of people from very diverse backgrounds together.  Through talking, listening and connecting, they come up with creative ways to effect positive change.  The program incorporates seven values that impact all human interactions:  compassion, empathy, forgiveness, integrity, kindness, respect, and self-reflection.  Participants in their programs are asked to take the pledge to incorporate these values in all their program projects and interactions.  Their logo is an image of a human hand, but when you look closely, the hand is created with many individual people.  Their collaborative project participants are reminded that they are as separate as the fingers of the hand, but all the fingers are joined as part of a single hand.
One of their events was a 36-hour Hackathon where participants worked together in small groups to brainstorm a problem and find a creative solution.  An example was given of someone who had experienced the painful loss of someone dear to them to suicide.  They felt guilty because the person had reached out through social media, but no-one responded.  Through combining technical expertise and available resources a burst of innovation came up with a way that similar posts would trigger professional intervention.
One project that they do is homeless outreach every other Saturday in Central Phoenix.  They distribute donated items to the homeless with the help of personal shoppers.  The day before volunteers are needed at their warehouse in Tempe to sort the donations that have been dropped off.  Dr. Lester noted that they have a great need for men's clothing.  Donations are accepted and sorted Fridays between 2 and 4 at Alameda Building 734 W. Alameda Dr., Tempe 85282.
A theme song has been developed by two talented individuals who each passed away after being involved in the original composition and the promotion of it.  Dick Wagner and Bobby Taylor were the talented individuals credited with the creation of "Love is in the Air - Breath Deep."  Much more information about this very worthwhile endeavor intended to bring people together to effect positive change is available on their website.  CLICK HERE to visit the website and learn more.