President Allan Cady opened the meeting by asking Daryl Bethea to offer the invocation and Warren Williamson to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  Visiting Rotarian Penny May was the official greeter.  Before we meet again, Penny will have left Arizona to return to her home in Alaska for the summer.  She hopes to be back in September.
Dr. Wilson drew the chip for our weekly attendance drawing.  Jim McGown's badge number was drawn, making him the winner of the $20 of accumulated winnings.  Chuck Flint announced that winner of the weekly raffle would win $44, and a chance to draw the ace of clubs to win $1,236.  Chuck's own ticket number was drawn.  Bob Jensen was sitting by Chuck and ensured that there was integrity in the shuffling and drawing process.  Unfortunately (for Chuck) he drew the seven of clubs.
President Allan drew cards and Chuck Flint posted the numbers on the columns and then on the rows of the buck board, which was full.  With President Allan drawing cards a third time, in an elimination drawing, Chuck crossed out the numbers vertically and horizontally until the only remaining name left was that of Penny May, who was very happily surprised to win a Paul Harris Fellow at her final visit of the season.
Several guests were present.  Don Boucher introduced his guest, Mark L. Machanic.  Don and Mark worked together in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.  Mark retired as Detective Sergeant after 36 years on the job.  After retiring from his position as a detective, he became a 911 dispatcher.  He also assumed some reserve duties on the force, and, adding to the many recognitions he received during his career for his outstanding detective work, he was named Reserve Deputy of the Year.  Jack Rosenberg introduced Mike Polley, a Rotarian from Hawaii, who is relocating to Arizona.  Joan and Erwin were repeat Rotary visitors from Rapid City, South Dakota.
Happy Bucks were received from several Rotarians.  Dick Myren was happy to have finished his 59th year doing taxes.  Immanuel Beeson was happy to report that the Salvation Army would be holding their volunteer appreciation dinner that evening.  He was also happy that he and his wife were planning to go on a date Friday evening.  It sounded as though it has been a very long time since they've had that opportunity.  Being parents of six children apparently makes the planning of date nights complicated.  Dan Coons was not so happy with himself as he fined himself for signing up for the tree planting project, but not making it to do his share of the work.  Bob Zarling was happy to report he did go to the tree planing.  Penny May said she would be experiencing 16 hours of daylight in Anchorage.  Don Boucher is happy to be in our club and be lucky enough to be married to his best friend and business partner.  Polly Cady just loves our club.  Chuck Flint paid happy dollars because he is thankful for Pam's good care.  Pam paid for the full Rotary week coming up.  Don LaBarge reported that Chris Krueger's all girl tree planting team out performed the others.  Allan Cady was happy the tree planting went well.  He was very impressed with the hard-working Interactors who helped.
  • Pam Cohen reminded everyone of the Sponsor Appreciation Reception to be held Wednesday, April 25 at 5:30 PM at the Arizona Museum of Natural History.  All members are invited and need to RSVP to Pam Cohen.  Those who successfully solicited sponsor donations were reminded to make personal calls to their donors to extend a personal invitation.  Food will be handled by Heidi's Catering and Live Music will provide ambiance and entertainment.
  • Spring Olympics flyers were on the tables.  The event is posted on the calendar on the club website  To download the event flyerCLICK HERE It is available as a downloadable document on the website.
Pam Cohen introduced the speaker, Dr. Thomas Wilson, from the Arizona Museum of Natural History.  Dr. Wilson began his presentation by stating his father had been a Rotarian and visited clubs all over the world.  
The museum is visited annually by 35-40,000 students on school tours.  The Museum is located at MacDonald and Pepper in downtown Mesa.  It features some donated collections.  The exhibits include objects of natural history, anthropology, history and art as well as historic photographs.  Popular features are a three-story indoor waterfall on Dinosaur Mountain where every 20 minutes, visitors can expect a simulation of a flash flood.  Other features are Dinosaur Hall, a real territorial jail, and a recreation of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. 
The slides that Dr. Wilson used with his presentation were clear validation that our Sponsor Appreciation Reception will create some unforgetable memories for our donors and our members and guests.
Annual attendance is approaching 150,000.  The museum's facebook page has over 40,000 followers.
Rotarians were encouraged to be at the Museum at 11:00 AM on May 1 when the museum will host a "new reveal."