After the September 7 meeting was called to order, Geoff White led the invocation and Steve West led the Pledge of Allegiance.   Among the visitors, were PDG John Pennypacker, visiting Rotarian, Michael Polley, Cristy Setterman, Christy Citterman and her guest, Ray Schmal, who will be going on the project trip to Guaymas.
Jack Rosenberg won the attendance drawing.  Visitor, Ray Schmal, was asked to draw the winning raffle ticket.  He drew Christy’s ticket, making her the winner of the $28 pot, but she did not pull the ace of clubs, so the big pot, which is now up to $293, will continue to grow.
Chuck Flint explained our Buck Board, which provides opportunities at $10 each for members and guests to potentially have $1,000 donated in their name to The Rotary Foundation so that they could be the recipient of Paul Harris Fellow recognition and be credited with a receipt for the tax-deductible donation.
President Allan told quite a fish story about a fish Polly caught on their recent trip to Ontario.  See the full story, as told by Polly, in a separate newsletter article.
Sgt. At Arms, Greg Okonowski, collected happy bucks.  Frank Rosenberg contributed proudly announcing that their daughter, Sammy, would be singing the National Anthem with the Phoenix Childrens Choir at Chase Field Saturday, September 9, at the Diamondbacks game.  Don LaBarge contributed as he announced that he had finally been successful  in selling Snowy.  He announced that the price was $7,000 which covered expenses and that we made $1,000 on the deal.  He requested that two huge plaques be made to honor those who were instrumental In getting Snowy sold. 
Members were reminded of the volunteer opportunity coming up Saturday morning at the Midwest Food Bank, and the Rotary Day at the Diamondbacks on Sunday, September 10.
President Allan announced his intent to honor those with perfect attendance for the past year at the September 14 meeting.  He also announced that Janie Pierce has recently qualified to become a Mesa West Rotary Club member and her induction will be planned in the near future.
Chuck Flint provided Rotary education during the induction ceremony of our newest Member, Christy Citterman, who was sponsored by Allan Cady and accompanied by Ray Schmal, who was congratulated for supporting Christy in her commitment to Rotary service as she enters this new chapter of her life.
Steve West introduced our speaker, Marc Garcia, from Visit Mesa (formerly known as the Mesa Convention and Visitors Bureau).  Marc is a graduate of Valley Leadership and has led Visit Mesa since 2012.  Under Marc’s leadership the numbers have increased dramatically.  Steve has long supported Visit Mesa and is currently a director emeritus.  He has had the opportunity to observe the positive impact of Marc’s leadership.
Marc showed some short video clips that have been developed to be strategically utilized in attracting visitors to our area.  One of the markets they hope to target is one that, if their dream becomes a reality, will attract families to our area to participate in and support youth and amateur sports tournaments.   It will be a Multi-Purpose Youth & Amateur Sports Complex to be developed in Northeast Mesa. The fields will be large enough to accommodate games like soccer and lacrosse, which will automatically make them large enough for other popular games.  While the fees charged to use the complex will not produce a profit, it is anticipated the increased dollars generated in hotel bed taxes paid by families coming for the competitions and staying at facilities in our area will allow the complex to pay for itself.