The USA-Mexico Friendship Conference and Project Fair held in Acapulco, Mexico October 26 and 27 was attended by Pollyanne and Allan Cade representing Mesa West Rotary.  The Mesa West board had authorized them to make commitments at the conference to support projects presented at the event that they felt were worthy.
The conference was the 18th annual opportunity to fellowship with Rotarians from District 4185 in Mexico and our District 5495.  Because of the long history, many warm friendships exist, and the process of putting quality project proposals together has been refined over time.
Mesa West commitments totalling $2,500 were made to the following projects:
$500  - Community development with the creation of textiles in Chiapas.  The sponsoring local club for this project is the Cuernavaca club.
$500 - System for collection and storage of water in schools in Taxco.  The sponsoring local club is the Taxco Rotary Club.
$500 - Community improvement, paintings where there was once graffiti, sponsored by the Puebla Rotary Club.
$1,000 - "Enchulame la silla," wheelchair restoration and purchase, sponsored by the Cuernavaca Juarez Rotary Club.
At the end of the Project Fair, clubs in District 5495 had committed $28,875 to the various projects presented with a match from District funds of a like amount.  Clubs in District 4185 had committed $16,500 to the projects, again with a like match from their district funds.  Total funds committed to projects presented at the fair was $90,750 (approximately 1,815,000 pesos).
In 2019, District 5495 will be hosting the Friendship Conference and Project Fair.  It will be held at the Grand Canyon in October.  Any questions should be directed to Allan and Polly.
Thanks to Allan Cady for providing the information shared in this article