Bert Millett is an Arizona native.  He was born in Mesa, Arizona, and was the second of eight children.  He was raised in Arizona, and has resided here most of his life, but had short stints in Utah, Mississippi and Virginia.  He also lived in Mexico for two years as a missionary and in Spain for six months as a student.  
Bert has travelled to six foreign countries, "and counting."  He speaks Spanish.
As a teen, Bert dreamed of being a performer at Sea World, but instead is a business and real estate attorney.  He has been practicing for twelve years.  
Bert has been married to Kelly for eighteen years.  They have five children.  His best vacation memories are summer trips to Lake Powell.
Bert has memories of two volunteer experiences that stand out in his memory.  In 2009, he coordinated an effort to build a new playground at the Park of the Canals.  In 2011, he founded a local triathlon race called Mesa Sprint Triathlon that happens each fall to raise money for the Foundation for Mesa Parks and Recreation.