Dan Coons has generously offered to print business cards for Mesa West Rotary Club members at the nominal cost of $12.00 per box of 500.
They are available in two designs, as shown, and should be ordered by Thursday, October 12 by members who wish to take advantage of this pricing opportunity.  The initial orders will be printed in a single batch, making the cost savings possible.  The business cards will be useful in many ways as we network within our own club, invite potential members to join us as guests at our meetings, promote our sponsorship program, etc.
To order your cards, CLICK HERE to send an e-mail to provide Dan with the details of how you wish to have your cards printed.  If you choose Option A, you will need to provide a digital head-and-shoulders photograph with your e-mail.  If no photo is included, cards will be printed in the option B format.  Cards can be ordered with fewer than four detail lines, but additional lines cannot be added.
If you miss the deadline, cards can still be ordered, but the cost will be $20.00 per 500.  To keep the bookkeeping as simple as possible, the cards will be paid  by the club and available at the sign-in table.  When you pick up your cards, you can pay cash to Aubrey or have her bill your account for the cost of your order.