Our regular Alaskan seasonal visiting Rotarian, Penny May has been sharing information about their recent 7.0 earthquake and resulting aftershocks on her facebook page.  
The Alaskan humor shown in this photo represents why and how the people there are able to deal with the tough situations life throws at them.  CLICK HERE to see photos some of the devastation experienced in the Anchorage area.
In Penny's home, she had lots of broken glass and other clean-up to do because of things falling off walls and shelves.  It sounds like toughest to clean was a large container of Tide that fell off a shelf in her laundry room, bursting and spreading blue goo all over her laundry room floor. 
She is thankful to be safe, and is amazed and thankful for the outpouring of caring and sharing of her fellow-Alaskans.  
She did a little research to find out why this quake and the aftershocks seemed more intense than what she has experienced in the past.  
On December 1, she posted:  "Hey Anchorage peeps, I just found the neatest map for us who are still feeling aftershocks... it is quakes.globalincidentmap.com. It shows any earthquake in the world, magnitude, time and location. I am always curious about magnitude. This one felt so much stronger than the magnitude would suggest BUT the epicenter was just 5 miles away and only 25 miles deep. Our household is fine and we have much to be thankful for. Now to clean that laundry room floor again. It is still sticky!"
You are in our thoughts and prayers, Penny May!  We are so very thankful you are safe.