On February 1 of this year, Mesa West Rotarians heard a compelling program delivered by Buey Ray Tut from Aqua Africa.  He shared his story of the early years of his life when he lived in Sudan.  His mother, like other women in their village, walked three hours each way several times each week to get water from the Nile for the needs of her family.  Buey remembered a time when his life changed dramatically when a well and water system was installed in his village.  Two specific things were very different.  His mother was available for her children nearly all the time.  The other difference was that chronic stomach ailments were no longer a part of his "normal" life.
Through a series of events, Buey and his family eventually relocated to the United States as refugees.  He received his college degree in economics and political science at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.  He teamed up with a childhood friend from Sudan, and formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit to change lives in Sudan by providing the water systems for other villages in his native country.
On August 14, President, Chris Krueger, hosted an initial meeting in her home to begin planning for a fund-raising event to take place this Rotary year.  The goal will be two-fold.  The primary purpose will be to raise funds to support Aqua Africa's next project.  The secondary purpose will be to raise awareness of the life-changing impact access to clean water will have for the village where the system will be installed.
More information will be provided as a date is confirmed and plans begin to evolve.  There will be lots of volunteer opportunities.  It is hoped other Rotary clubs, Interact and Rotaract members will join Mesa West Rotarians in supporting the event.  For those who want to know more about Aqua Africa, CLICK HERE to visit their website.