Mesa West Rotarians -
Please read this direct quote from Paul P Harris, January, 1911:
"If anyone tells you that it is reprehensible to make a dollar or two for the wife and babies from club associates in straightforward business transactions, tell that person that some foreign substance has gotten into his carburator."
I would say that is very much on point, wouldn't you?  In my seven-year association with Mest West Rotary, I've seen some business networking but frankly not much.  We want to breathe more life into this aspect of our associaiton one with another.  In the days ahead, we plan to develop a display outside our meeting room, help you create a 7 x 7 ad with the help of Jim Crutcher's graphic specialist, and call on many of you to tell us about your business. 
I  hope you can see the opportunity this represents.  As this is a work-in-progress, please submit any thoughts/ideas you may have on the matter.
Yours in Rotary,
Allan Cady