While the Steak and Beans contest officially ended October 31, contributions to the Sponsor Program continue to come in.  We are presently over $35,000 in receipts with numerous pledges still outstanding.  In total, 34 Mesa West Rotarians have participated with either a personal contribution or one from a non-member acquaintance or company.  That’s fantastic because it represents fifty percent of our club membership!  Good going and thanks to all for your efforts on behalf of those in need in our community and internationally.  In the days ahead, we will announce the dates for our Steak and Beans event and the Sponsor Recognition event.  Please, be encouraged to pass along to Aubrey Luma any remaining contributions at your earliest convenience.  Again, thanks!
It is now time to turn our attention to one of our signature service events, Salvation Army Bell-Ringing.  We are fortunate again to the have the Bass Pro Shop location, arguably the best location in the city.  Don LaBarge, our “scheduler extraordinaire” is in charge of this event.  As usual, we ring the bell Mondays through Saturdays from Friday, November 24, through Saturday, December 23.  Sign-ups will be conducted at our regular Thursday meetings and via phone/email. We are asking each Rotarian to commit to a minimum of 3 or 4 two-hour time slots during the 26 day period.  Let us remember the OBJECT of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service.  Thank you for all you do for Mesa West Rotary.