We are now nearly two weeks into the Salvation Army Bell-Ringing season.  From all accounts, things are going well. There are still quite a few shift openings according to Don LaBarge, our Community Service Chair.  With 26 days of bell-ringing and 5 sessions per day, sign-ups are an enormous task.  President, Allan, is confident that the service-minded Rotarians of Mesa West will once again answer the call.  Please, review your calendar and call or email Don to coordinate available shifts with that will best fit your schedule.  The bell-ringing concludes Saturday, December 23.  We need volunteers that will take 2-3 sessions each, even 4 if possible.  Don’s contact information is cell 480-213-1617 and email dlabarge47@gmail.com.  Your early response and the generosity of your time will be appreciated.