After the September 21 meeting was called to order by President, Allan Cady, John Eagleston led the invocation and Dan Coons invited all present to join him in the Pledge of Allegiance.  President Allan reminded members that the theme of the 2017-18 Rotary International President, Ian Risely, is "Making a Difference."  Allan had recently received a book written by Larry Van Tuyl, People, People, People.   The book contained a section on "Thought Starters," one of which was, "If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."
Guests present at the meeting included Beth Garrow, who is a remote employee of The Rotary Foundation, serving as a major gifts officer.  She is a member of the High Noon Rotary Club in Carlsbad, California.  PDG John Pennypacker was in attendance for his 4th consecutive week.  Alice Phan, District 5495 Rotaract Representative was visiting and brought three colleagues from her new place of employment with her.  Grace Canzoneri was a guest, attending with our speaker.  Morgan and Suzanne Davis, were also guests.
Jim McGown won the attendance drawing.  Penny May won the weekly drawing, but did not draw the ace of clubs, so the large drawing prize will continue to grow.  Tim Troy collected happy bucks from those present.  Wendell Jones announced the birth of a new granddaughter - their 28th grandchild.  Alice Phan paid happy bucks as she is soon going to leave on an extended vacation, which will include many stops, including Viet Nam.
President Allan made several brief announcements:
  • A sign-up sheet was being circulated for greeter, pledge, and invocation responsibilities
  • He encouraged members and their guests to attend the Chile Cook-off being planned for October 7
  • Bryan Goetzenberger had provided him with information that the sponsorship program had a good week, bringing the total collected to date to nearly $17,000
Wendell Jones introduced his neighbor and guest, Suzanne Davis.  Suzanne introduced the speaker, Dr . Gary Walker, from the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center with a personal endorsement.  When her husband, Morgan, was diagnosed with cancer, it was highly recommended to them that they look into services offered by the MD Anderson Center.  They took that advice and could not have been more pleased with the attention, expertise, and level of care received.
Dr. Walker shared some information about his specialty, radiation oncology, illustrating how tumors can be specifically targeted with radiation using today's technology, combined with a team of specialists.  targeted radiation is particularly useful in treating several specific types of cancer with head and neck cancers at the top of the list.  In some but not all cases, radiation is combined with chemo-therapy.  His personal care philosophy is "I partner with my patients to provide the highest leel of personalized, evidence-based medicine in a supportive and caring environment.  My goal is to implement the world-renowned MD Anderson standard of care in Phoenix."