When we show up to have fun at Chuck Flint's at the end of this year's Sponsorship campaign for our club's charitable foundation, will you be eating steak or beans?  You will be eating steak if your team has raised the most in donations, or if EVERY member of your team has brought in at least one donation.  If your team hasn't met either of these criteria, you are encouraged to come for the fellowship and to celebrate those who have worked at helping us make the funds needed to do the work we want to do in our community and the world, but Chuck Flint suggests you may want to bring some Gas-X.
"If it is to be, it is up to me," should be each of our attitudes.  If you don't know what team you are on, CLICK HERE to download the team roster. 
The donations are not supposed to come from us, it is hoped we will each give our personal Rotary "elevator speech" to friends, neighbors, associates, neighbors who might be too busy to join a Rotary Club, but who would be happy to help us make a difference, if asked.  Just ask!  Download our Sponsorship Brochure to give (or send) to those you ask.
Let's not try hard to make this program work, Instead, let's each try very hard to make it fun! (and pray you're not on a team of vegans)