Recognize anyone in these photos?
Some time ago, Lucinda and Pam turned a snapshot into a "People of Action" shot. The other shot is a picture Lucinda shared from 2003.  Lucinda and Pam used these samples to illustrate ways regular folks can build these pics and documents on the RI website for use to promote Rotary in the correct voice.
The caption that appeared under the 2003 photo stated:
When Rotarians learned about the overwhelming medical needs in the small Nicaraguan community of Jinotepe, Rotary clubs from Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona worked with their Rotarian counterparts in Nicaragua to collect and deliver $500,000 in vital medical equipment to the village.  We are People of Action"  To join us, go to
The "people of action" logo appeared under the caption.
This is being shared at this time, because it is important that when we take photos, when we promote what we do, etc. that we understand those images and messages have the potential to be part of Rotary's People of Action message.
Some of them can be used to help RI tell the Rotary story in a way that resonates with a potential Rotarian, inspires someone to move forward with an idea, or touches someone in a very personal way that helps them understand why we choose to connect and take action through Rotary.
Each small story is a part of Rotary's impressive larger story.  We need to tell our stories in ways that complement the overall messaging of the wonderful international organization we are a part of.
Thanks to Lucinda for sharing the photos for this article.