Judge Tommy Webb will be our April 21 Speaker
Imagine if you will...
You are a war orphan in South Korea in 1952. Your world is one of hunger, desperation, and fear. The priority in your life each day is simply to survive....
Come to our meeting tomorrow to hear from the man who was that little boy, was adopted by an American family and ended up as a judge in Kansas.
Next Week is World Immunization Week
Help Rotary raise awareness for polio eradication and the importance of vaccines during World Immunization Week, 24-30 April. Show your commitment by sharing some of these sample posts on social media. You can also paint your pinkie purple and post a picture online using the hashtags #EndPolio and #VaccinesWork.
  • This week is World Immunization Week! Donate to support @Rotary’s fight to #EndPolio because #VaccinesWork
  • Because #VaccinesWork, @Rotary & partners have reduced polio cases by 99.9% worldwide since 1988. @EndPolioNow won't stop until we end the disease for good. Donate to support #EndPolio:
  • In countries where polio is a threat, kids’ pinkies are marked with purple ink after they’re immunized, helping #EndPolio health workers know which kids are protected. #VaccinesWork @Rotary 
  • Through the science of immunization, @Rotary & partners have saved an estimated 20 million children from becoming paralyzed by polio. #VaccinesWork #EndPolio
  • #VaccinesWork & are the best investments we can make in human health & potential. Thanks to the polio vaccine, the world’s seen a 99.9% reduction in polio cases since 1988. @Rotary #EndPolio
  • When @Rotary formed PolioPlus 1985 to #EndPolio, polio paralyzed 1,000+ children every single day in 125 polio-endemic countries. Because #VaccinesWork, just 2 countries remain wild polio-endemic.. See 2022 case counts:
  • #DYK @Rotary members have contributed more than $2.2 billion dollars and countless volunteer hours to the fight to #EndPolio. Together with our partners we immunize over 400 million children every year. #VaccinesWork
  • #COVID19 reminds us that disease outbreaks anywhere can be a threat everywhere. That’s why @Rotary #EndPolio is more committed than ever to ending the threat of polio for every child, everywhere. #VaccinesWork
  • #VaccinesWork & the progress made in the fight to #EndPolio is proof. Only 2 countries remain wild polio-endemic. Learn why @Rotary believes we can shrink that number to 0:
  • #EndPolio infrastructure & expertise in vaccination campaigns, disease surveillance, social mobilization & outbreak response plays a critical role in responding to #COVID19. @Rotary
  • As the first organization to envision a polio-free world through mass immunization of children, @Rotary believes the decision to vaccinate is a humanitarian imperative. Read the position statement on #COVID19 vaccination here: #VaccinesWork #EndPolio
  • This #WorldImmunizationWeek, I’m joining with @Rotary #EndPolio to advocate for equitable distribution of vaccines, like those for polio & #COVID19. #VaccinesWork
Rotary Week of Service Project
Rotary Club of Mesa West is planning to collect pillow donations (standard size-new) from now until April 23rd to benefit Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) as a kick off for our Rotary Week of Service Project. (see below or click on their logo for more info on SHP)
We now have a location where NEW standard-size pillows can be dropped off for this project.  They can be dropped off between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Salvation Army, 241 East 6th Street, Mesa, Arizona. AZ 85201
Please save the date of Saturday April 23rd from 9:00 a.m. to Noon. 
  • We will be coming together with the donated pillows to assemble bedding kits. 
  • The Mesa West Rotary Foundation is contributing funds to purchase other bedding that will be matched with the individually donated pillows to be delivered with beds that are provided by other sponsors of Sleep in Heavenly Peace. 
  • The planned location for the bedding kit assembly on April 23 is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, located at 848 North Westwood, Mesa, AZ 85201.  
Club members can also bring donations of NEW standard-size pillows to club meetings.  EMAIL SHELLY ROMINE if you have any questions or need to arrange for your donated pillows to be picked up.
In the coming weeks you will see additional communication for this project and requests for you to share the details on social media to help promote Rotary and all the good we do in the community.
Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a volunteer organization that builds beds for kids who are sleeping on the floor.  Their motto is "No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in Our Town".  A link to their website is below:
Highlights of Mesa West Rotary April 14 Meeting
Opening of Meeting - President Dan Coons
President Dan opened the meeting by thanking the team of Benedict, Rosenberg and Ross for serving as Greeters.  He thanked the members for the gift of being able to serve as Club President  He then reminded Rotarians and guests of the Rotary International 2021-22 theme - Serve to Change Lives - after which he recited the Rotary Vision Statement:
Together we see a world where people unite and 
take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
Invocation and Pledge
Mike Whalen offered the invocation and Sean Green led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Rotary Minute - Jim Erickson
Jim shared a bit of his Rotary history.  His father had been a member of the Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin Rotary Club.  At one point, he changed vocations and lost his classification and had to leave the club because his new vocational classification was already filled.  During those times, there could only be one person in a club from any given vocational classification.
A few years later, when the club was soliciting sponsorships for a fundraising event, Jim's dad did some negotiating and was readmitted in exchange for his commitment to be a sponsor.  Jim joined the Menomonee Falls club in April of 1977.  He was a member there until 2007 when he relocated to Arizona and became a member of the Superstition Mountain Rotary Club in Apache Junction.  After moving to Friendship Village in 2021, Jim transferred his membership to Mesa West Rotary.  
During his Rotary Career, he served as the Menomonee Falls President in 1995-96, and Superstition Mountain President in 2009-10.  In the spring of 2009, Jim led an outbound Group Study Exchange Team to Switzerland and Leichtenstein.  Since then he has served as District 5510 Assistant Governor in 2011-12 and again in 2015-16.  He was nominated to serve as District Governor before Districts 5510 and 5490 merged, and the merger of the two districts pushed his year of service as District Governor to the second year of the newly combined District 5495 - 2018-19.  In addition to his GSE international Rotary travel, he has travelled to India to participate in National Immunization Days, and travelled to Mexico with the micro lending initiative.
Since serving as District Governor, Jim has served as the District Polio Plus Subcommittee Chair.
The bottom line - Jim wanted the club to share in his celebration of 45 years of Rotary Club perfect attendance!
Introduction of Guests
  • Mike Whalen introduced Jay Lee Alvin, who has been selected to be an outbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Spain in 2022-23.  
  • Robin Harris introduced his son, Jentry Harris, and handed Jentry the mic so he could say a few words about himself.  Jentry said that he is in the commercial insurance business.  He is with the Mahoney Group and specializes in employee benefits.  At the end of his career, he does not want to be remembered for how much money he produced for the large insurance providers, but would prefer to be remembered as someone who enabled his customers to provide such good, affordable benefits for their employees that they were all known as preferred employers.  Robin pledged $50 to pay for Jentry's commercial.
Raffle - Two Ways to Win - Steve Ross & Bob Zarling
  • Steve Ross asked Jentry Harris to draw the winning ticket for the weekly Ace of Clubs raffle.  The ticket drawn was held by John Benedict.  John's attempt to draw the Ace of Clubs from the deck of cards was not successful.  The card he drew was the three of hearts.
  • Members and guests were told to hang on to their tickets for a second chance to win.  Bob Zarling asked our speaker, Denise Lopez, to draw a winning ticket since she was the one providing the prize.  The holder of the ticket drawn would receive two passes to the Gilbert Historical Museum.  Darl Andersen was the lucky winner of the second drawing.
Happy Bucks - Ron Thompson
  • Jeanie Morgan pledged $100 to the Koeneman Team on the Sponsor Campaign.  She was thankful for being the beneficiary of Robin Harris' generous bid during the Keeper's Workshop custom-pen auction at the April 14 meeting.  She was also thankful because her laptop had stopped working Tuesday evening, and when she tried to restart it was getting messages that internal attempts to diagnose and fix the problem were not working.  She called Ed Koeneman who said to bring it out to his shop and he would see what he could do.  He respectfully put both hands on it before opening it and starting it.  Other than that, he did nothing, but the laptop opened up normally for him and has been working fine since he touched it.   Ed also delivered Jeanie's custom pen to her that morning.  She loves it!
  • Bob Zarling contributed.  He felt like it was time someone reminded members again of the tax credit giving opportunity with The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona helping effect positive change in the lives of the students who benefit from their grants.
  • Tim Troy asked to be billed $45 for his April 13 birthday.  Seems he was born about the same time Jim Erickson became a Rotarian.  He was also happy to have gone through Gilbert Leadership.  One of the adventures he enjoyed in their program was a flying river and lake tour hosted by Salt River Project.
  • Ray Smith announced he had turned in a check for his Paul Harris account to celebrate the looming end of this year's tax season.
  • Warren Williamson contributed to share a tale about Don LaBarge being out on patrol as a young police officer.  He noticed a car in a "lover's lane" area that had it's interior lights on.  He went over and noted that the young man in the car was reading a book and it looked like the young lady was playing some sort of video game.  He asked for the young man's ID and noted he was 21 years old.  He asked the young man the age of the young lady.  He looked at his watch and said, "In nine minutes, she'll be 18."
  • Colleen Coons was happy to have our outbound YE student visiting the club.  Colleen had been up at 4:30 AM to get ready to go with Colleen to Scottsdale Sunrise to make a Rotaract presentation.  She told a rather frightening tale about how their Sgt at Arms had a "big wad of cash..."
  • Penny May announced it would be her last Mesa West meeting this year as she was heading back to Alaska before our next meeting.  She vowed to be back in January and February since the buyer of her place in Mesa is going to lease it back to her while they travel during those months.
  • Allan Cady contributed announced Judge Tommy Webb would be our speaker at the April 21 meeting.  He was proud of Polly Cady for speaking to an Interact Zoom meeting for a club in Orizaba Mexico.  Darl Andersen helped Polly be prepared with some opening words of greeting in Spanish, which Allan felt she handled beautifully.  The Interact members in attendance were fluent in English so the majority of what she share with them was shared in English.
  • Polly Cady thanked Sean Green for helping her be prepared to share photos during her Interact presentation.  She also reminded members of the invitation they had received to attend a reception for Judge Tommy Webb on the evening of the 21st.
  • Robin Harris was happy to report that his grandson who is attending Eastern Arizona University in the Gila Valley has received a mission call to St. Louis, Missouri.  Robin felt it best to contribute now as he might not have as much money to spare next year when he is helping support his grandson's mission.
  • Joan Reimann was happy to report that she and Erwin are going to be great grandparents again.  She's not sure when, but has received a sonogram photo validating the fact.
  • Ed Koeneman had a report from the Westwood High School Interact Club where he is a sponsor.  Four of their members had attended RYLA Ponderosa.  They had a fabulous time and asked him to thank the club for sponsoring them.
  • Dick Myren apologized for being late.  He had stopped to buy pillows for the service project and was in the checkout line for thirty minutes.  He also followed his tradition of contributing happy bucks for himself and honorary member Rod Daniels for being associated with the best club in Rotary.
  • Tom Yuzer was happy to announce he and Liz would be celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary Monday, April 18.
  • Darl Andersen paid happy bucks so the club could hear Polly repeat what she had said to the Orizaba Interact club members in Spanish.  She was able to at least do part of it without her notes. 
  • Dan Coons contributed saying he was happy Colleen hadn't volunteered him to pay her happy bucks.
  • Polly Cady reminded members to respond to her invitation to attend the reception for Judge Tommy Webb at their home on the evening of April 21.
  • Bob Zarling announced that he would be contacting a few Mesa West members to ask them to review essays submitted by Peace Scholar Applicant Erica Henderson
  • Shelly Romine reminded members that April 21 would be the last day they can donate pillows for our Rotary Week of Service project at a Mesa West meeting.  What is needed are new standard size pillows.  On Saturday, April 23, the pillows will be combined with sheets, pillow cases, blankets and comforters in bedding kits.
  • Dan Coons reminded members that the District Conference will be held in Prescott May 13-14 at the Prescott Resort.
  • Dan also announced that Don LaBarge had suffered a stroke on April 6.  Initially he had paralysis in his right arm, but that has gotten better each day.   Don was not released from the hospital April 12.  Dan was glad to report Don was home and "doing well."
Program - Denise Lopez - HD SOUTH:  The Home of the Gilbert Historical Museum
Bob Zarling introduced our speaker, Denise Lopez.  Denise has resided in Gilbert for the last twelve years.  She has served in various officer roles for Booster Clubs and POT's at the Elementary, Junior High and High School levels.  She has worked for East Valley Associates as a Family Risk Advisor. 
Denise joined the staff at HD SOUTH - Home of the Gilbert Historical Museum in 2019.  That same year she graduated from the Gilbert Citizens Police Academy.  In 2020 she graduated from the Gilbert Leadership program as a member of their 28th class.
In March 2021, Denise was appointed President/CEO of HD SOUTH.  In October, 2021, Denise received Non-Profit Executive Leadership Certification from the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation. 
Denise serves on the Gilbert Leadership Board.  She is a member of the Tourism Action Group, the East Valley Resource Coalition, the Heritage District Merchants Association, and the Gilbert Leadership Alumni Committee.  She also serves on the Campo Verde FFA Booster Club, and the Campo Verde Softball Booster Club.  
Denise and her husband have four daughters and a menagerie of rescue pets.
Denise thanked the club for being invited to speak at our meeting.  She announced their facility is located on the southwest corner of the Gilbert and Elliot Road intersection.  They are the anchor to the southern end of the Heritage District - hence their name, HD SOUTH.  They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Theirs is the only museum located in Gilbert and are housed in the oldest building still standing in Gilbert.  Their building is the only building in Gilbert on the National Register of Historic Places. 
Their building was built in 1913 and was the location of the first Gilbert Elementary School.  At the time, there were 85 students, four classrooms, no air conditioning, and no indoor toilets.
The school closed in 1977.  In 1982, the Gilbert Historical Society leased the building and land from the School District and opened the Gilbert Historical Museum.  Through a generous donation from Otto and Edna Neely, the Gilbert Historical Society was able to purchse the land and building from the School District in 1985.
Today, they have run out of space and need to expand.  In a community the size of Gilbert and with the east valley growing at the pace it is growing today, residents need an art, culture, historical and community center to experience and embrace.  In 2020, they launched the public phase of a $2,000,000 capital campaign.  Two weeks later, the pandemic hit.  Like the rest of the world, they have battled through three or four outbreaks and experienced supply chain issues and exploding construction costs.  They are undaunted and remain determined to move the organization forward so they can offer expanded exhibits, additional programs, a community event venue and future economic sustainability.  
They do all their own fundraising and revenue generation.  They have three major fundraising events.  They have an annual gala each spring.  They recently celebrated their 10th gala in February of this year.  In October each year, they host a classic car show.  In December, they hold their ever-popular Breakfast With Santa.  All of the fundraising events are coordinated and spearheaded by volunteers.
Currently on display throu the end of May is their 17th Annual Art of Quilting show.  It includes over 125 quilts from the community as well as a traveling exhibit from the American Quilt Study Group.  They also have the Arizona Needle Arts Show in Gallery 4 which is showcasing handiwork by members of the Embroiderer's Guild of America, the American Needlepoint Guild, and the Smocking Guild of America.  They are also currently hosting a gem and mineral exhibit in the museum.
In addition to their exhibits and shows, they also offer community programs and events focusing on six major pillars:
  • Art
  • History
  • Health & Wellness'
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Music
Most programs are free to attend, and those who are interested can register on their website:
They couldn't do what they do without volunteers.  There are other ways individuals can help.
During the height of the pandemic, they had lost 65% of their volunteers.  They are working very hard to rebuild those numbers.  The need them in order to restore full operating hours.  Denise is the only full-time employee.  They have three part-time staff members.  Unlike surrounding communities, the museum and art gallery are not owned or operated by the town.  
An interesting feature is their facility rental.  They have a community room and event space that they rent for parties, weddings, corporate training sessions, etc.  Not only are they able to provide an affordable venue space, but it generates additional revenue.
They are currently searching for front desk volunteers, and need committee volunteers as well.  Becoming a member is a great way to support their organization.  On their website you can donate to their capital campaign or make a general donation.  Every dollar is appreciated.  Commemorative bricks can be purchased for business or families which will be on display on their updated and renovated courtyard.  There are still "naming" opportunities available in the capital campaign.  
Denise encouraged members visit their facility and enjoy the exhibits, then follow them on social media and help spread the word about Gilbert's oldest treasure.
Something to Ponder
Today's Chuckle
While you're still chuckling, add standard-sized
pillows to your shopping list and take them to
the Mesa West Rotary meeting tomorrow.
They will be used to prepare bedding kits
Saturday, April 23, 2022
for our Rotary Week of Service project benefitting
Sleep In Heavenly Peace.
Their motto is:
"No kid sleeps on the floor in my town!"
The Big Four - Ways to Support Rotary in Mesa West
As Rotarians, we are regularly exposed to opportunities to support various causes with our time, talent and treasure.  Sometimes it is hard to sift through all the information and decide where we are going to use our available financial resources. 
It would be wonderful if every Arizona Rotarian would make the following BIG FOUR their Rotary charities of choice and support every one of them every year, we could make a bigger difference than we are making today.
  1. The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Annual Fund - The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world."  Giving a small amount each month adds up.  CLICK HERE to download a form you can use to sign up for Rotary Direct, electing "Annual Fund - Share" for your recurring donation.  
  2. The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Polio Plus - Rotary's commitment to eradicate polio is so well known and respected that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation matches donations $2 for $1.  To take advantage of this opportunity to multiply the effect of your giving, CLICK HERE and download a second Rotary Direct form, this time electing electing "Polio Eradication" for your recurring donations.  Those who donate $100 or more annually to Polio Plus qualify in District 5495 as Polio Plus Society Members.  If you would like to make that commitment, CLICK HERE to download the commitment form.
  3. The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) provides vocational education grants to Arizona Residents who meet specific low-income guidelines.   The grants enable the recipients to lift themselves out of poverty, benefitting themselves, their families and the economy of our state.  TRVFA is a 501(c)(3) charity.  They also are a Qualifying Charitable Organization for Arizona Tax Credit Donations.  Their QCO Code is 20698.  Many Arizona Rotarians say giving to TRVFA is a "no brainer."  If you can help someone lift themselves out of poverty and it won't end up costing you anything why would you not do it?  Mesa West Rotary has the highest number of members who have signed up for automated monthly recurring donations by electing that option on the "Donate Now" button on the TRVFA website.  Click the image to learn more or CLICK HERE to DONATE NOW.  
  4. Mesa West Rotary Foundation, Inc. is the funding and fundraising arm of our own Mesa West Rotary Club.  It is a 501(c)(3) charity.  We have had successful sponsorship campaigns the last few years enabling us to spend our energy on service rather than on holding fundraising events.  Charitable grants that we get involved with are funded through our charitable foundation, Our signature Gift of Hearing Project in Guaymas Mexico is funded through this foundation.  Scholarships are awarded annually to Westwood High School Students (the high school where Mesa West Rotary sponsors an Interact Club).  Funds are used to support a variety of activities in four of the Rotary Avenues of Service:
    1. Community Service
    2. International Service 
    3. Vocational Service
    4. Youth Service
The process isn't quite automated at this point in time, but we hope it soon will be.  For now, you can email our executive secretary who can help you work out a recurring donation plan should you wish to make that arrangement to support our own club's charitable activity.
Club Information
Welcome to our Rotary Club of Mesa West!
Mesa West
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Via Zoom or in-person
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United States of America
Our hybrid meetings are held weekly on the 1st thru 4th Thursdays of each month. The meetings are broadcast via Zoom to include all, whether attending virtually or in person.
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