The team of doctors, students, and other professionals were honored at an evening of festivities celebrating 25 years of Mesa Baseline Foundation and Mesa West Rotary teaming with Rotarians in Mexico to carry out the Gift of Hearing mission to support needs in Guaymas and its surrounding communities.  Mesa West Rotary President, Allan Cady started the festivities with the Spanish translation of:  "Greeting to all Rotarians, Doctors and Students.  Thank you all for participating in the 25th clinic for people of Guaymas and surrounding     areas.  Tonight we wish to present Paul Harris  fellows to our friends from the Guaymas Rotary Club.  This a very special occasion.  May I      introduce Chuck Flint."  Everyone was very impressed that he made the effort to make the greeting in Spanish.
Chuck Flint made the Paul Harris presentations in Spanish, as well.  As seen in the photo, receiving this honor in their community is achieved by very few.  Those who were named were elated.
Bob Jensen, who has been the organizer behind the Gift of Hearing project since its inception gave certificates to the participating doctors.  He also honored Mesa West Rotarian, Ray Smith with a certificate recognizing his loyal dedication to the project for so many years.
It was truly an evening of celebration!
Special thanks is owed from Mesa West Rotary to Mike Whalen of New Line Trophy for his donation of name pins for all the doctors, audiology students and Rotarians participating in the Guaymas Hearing project, and for his discount given for the certificates and plaques presented at this special celebration.