President Allan Cady opened the meeting with Daryl Bethea offering the invocation and Chris Krueger leading the Pledge of Allegiance.
Guests present were Carolyn Jones, introduced by Wendell, and Gisella Bethea, a professional ballerina, who was proudly introduced by her father, John.
President Allan said he had decided prior to the meeting to make one last attempt to encourage members to wear their Rotary pins by paying $1 per pin.  Ed Koeneman made this a very expensive decision for him as Ed was wearing 23 Rotary pins at the meeting.  The actual total of 41 was rounded up to a $50 donation to the foundation from our President.
Dan Coons won the weekly attendance drawing.  Steve Ross handled the weekly raffle.  The winning ticket drawn entitled the winner to $39 and a chance to try to draw the ace of clubs and win  the accumulated pot of $1,065.  Ed Koeneman drew Jeanie Morgan's ticket, but since she drew the Jack of Hearts, the large pot will continue to grow.  This, alone, should encourage attendance, and President Alan might want to consider issuing an executive order that the eventual winner must donate the large pot to our foundation if they are NOT wearing a Rotary pin when their ticket is drawn.   
Ed Koeneman paid happy bucks for the GCU Robotics Club earning the privilege of going to national finals.  Dan Coons was happy the weather is warmer.  Matt Rotty announced that his wife, Emily, had given birth to their fourth child, a baby boy who they named Zachary, on Saturday, March 10.  John Bethea was happy to have his daughter home.  Darl Andersen paid happy dollars for finding some 1984 photos of Jack Rosenberg - at least one of Jack riding a horse.  Ed Koeneman was happy that it is only 65 days til the next Star Wars movie will be released.  Ron Thompson happily announced he and Toni would be celebrating their wedding anniversary over the weekend.  
President Allan reminded members to turn or mail in their club survey if they have not already done so.  He had extra copies to distribute to anyone who had not received or who had misplaced their survey.
    Club Assembly
    • Don Boucher, Vocational Chair, reported that the original goal was to sponsor one vocational student each quarter in The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona scholarship program.  To date, our club has not sponsored any students this year.  He reminded club members to identify and refer potential candidates.  During the District Governor visit with combined Mesa clubs, President Allan pledged $5,000 to be donated by Mesa West members prior to the end of the year.  Lee Dueringer, TRVFA President, spoke to our club in December, and verified that Mesa West has supported TRVFA better than any other Rotary Club in Arizona.  On January 4, Don was able to announce that he could track $12,400 in donations to TRVFA from our members - 24% more than was given the prior year and $7,400 more than Allan's pledge to the District Governor.  This is Don's 4th year serving as Vocational Chair, and he will vacate the position the end of this year to move on to another interest - working with Membership.  If anyone is interested in replacing him as Vocational Chair or serving in that area of service, they should contact Chris Krueger.
    • Pam Cohen reported on Club Service, which encompasses many things, but she has primarily functioned as our Social Planner.  The first event to support Allan Cady's administration was a Fireside held at the Cady's home on June 3, 2017, prior to the start of his year.  A chile cookoff was held at the Troy home in the fall.  The annual post-holiday party was held at the Coons' home in January, and in February, The Steak and Beans celebration was held at Chuck Flint's home.  There is more to come.  She encouraged members to attend the District Club Leadership Academy on April 21 as several Mesa West Rotarians will be facilitating sessions at the event.  On April 25, Mesa West will host a donor appreciation event at the Arizona Museum of Natural History.  On May 5, the Spring Olympics will be held at the home of John and Jane Benedict.  Chris and Don LaBarge have agreed to host a Fireside event at their home before the end of the year, and Pam is working on a family event to involve bowling or softball so children and/or grandchildren of Rotarians can participate.  There will also be an installation event.  Dates for these last three activities have not yet been established.
    • Don LaBarge reported on Community Service activities.  Mesa West participated in a joint project with several other clubs to purchase $12,000 in machinery needed by the East Valley Senior Center.  The Mesa West Contribution was $1,000.  A District Grant helped our club provide 4,000 music books for the Charity run by our own member, Julie Duty - United Sound.  Mesa West provided Peanut Butter for the food bank.  We contributed $2,500 to support mobile shower/laundry units for use by the homeless.  Our club donated $500 in the name of Craig Berge to the Child Crisis Center.  We donated $785 to support five boy scout camperships.  Our donation was matched, so ten scouts in total were able to attend camp.  Don and Bryan Goetzenberger have been building some custom shelves for the Phoenix Children's Choir.  The club made their annual Polio Plus Contribution.  Mesa West provided school supplies in Guaymas Mexico for the school where we conduct the Gift of Hearing program.  We also supported the annual Christmas Gift trip to Rocky Point, Mexico.  Upcoming is a tree planting project at the Save the Family facility for which volunteer help is needed.  Since the trees originally planted at the facility died because of improper planting, Don has arranged for a free lesson in planting and maintenance.  The most common cause of trees dying is improper planting and the second cause is improper pruning.  Mesa West volunteers took the Holiday Lights down for the Child Crisis Center.  Salvation Army Bell Ringing during the holiday season was again supported by Mesa West volunteers coordinated by Don LaBarge.  
    • President Allan reported that Rotary Internal President, Ian Risely, asked presidents to keep track of contributions in hours as well as dollars this year.  In complying, Allan has a spreadsheet with 29 line items. So far, the dollars total $37,975.
    •  Bryan Goetzenberger reported on fundraising.  The sponsorship program was a tremendous success.  37 members participated by donating and/or successfully soliciting donations.   There were a total of 71 donors, with 28 giving over $500.  The original goal was $30,000 and we raised $40,000.  $24,600 was received without restriction.  $6,925 was designated for Gift of Hearing, $5,200 for local projects, $2,465 for Youth Exchange, and $800 for Rocky Point gift giving.  He thanked the captains, noting Chuck Flint was the winner and hosted his own party.  Bryan also thanked Dan Coons for printing the brochures, which were very helpful in telling our story and convincing donors to give.  In communicating with donors, it is important to remember this was our first annual sponsorship campaign.  Many donors will repeat their giving, but new donors will need to be identified.
    • Ed Koeneman kept his report short since he Youth Service programs had been featured the prior week, and there was little new to report.  He did announce that ASU Rotaract was selling Dream Vacation Raffle tickets and provided information to be shared in the Messenger for any members wishing to purchase tickets.  He reminded members of the Crutches for Africa program of the District Interact Council, and that Colton Cagle from the Westwood High School Interact Club will be one of the Ambassadors delivering the mobility appliances in Kenya in June of this year.  Pam Cohen pledged $50 to support the project.
    • Ray Smith provided a report on our largest International Project  - the Gift of Hearing mission last November.  There were a total of 43 Volunteers, 13 of which were Rotarians - the highest number of Rotary volunteers in the history of the project.  Our newest member in the field, Kristen Klein, is already signed up to participate in 2018.  The project cost and revenue almost balanced out if you rounded the numbers at $22,000.  With 17 doctors and technicians and 15 students, the value of services delivered was about $250,000.  2017 was the first year that no-one was turned away.  333 patients were seen.  165 hearing aids were dispensed and 185 ear molds were made.  Bob Jensen is working on a Rotary Foundation grant, but to date has not had any luck identifying a host club in Mexico.
    • Carol Kralicek was unable to be present to report on Membership as she has been traveling back and forth to Minnesota to help her daughter manage a serious health problem.  Members were asked to remember her in their thoughts and prayers.  At this time, we have 69 members (61 regular, 5 reserve, and 3 honorary).   This year, we have inducted eight members with more growth anticipated.  We have lost some members for various personal reasons, one of which was due to relocation, but have gained more than we have lost.
    • Jeanie Morgan reported that the website, facebook page, and Messenger can be resources for members, but are underutilized.  They will always be a work in progress as they are refined and more information added.  She also reported on a subject related to membership.  Dr. Mai Ly Duong, a Dentist and professor at A.T.Still University is interested in starting a Satellite Club at the University.  The District Governor had suggested to President Allan that our club would be the club best suited to be the host club for the satellite.  Jeanie had volunteered to look into what it might entail at the February board meeting.  A conference call was held Monday, March 19, with Mai Ly, Jeanie, Allan, Elizabeth Mahoney (representing the District) and Lucinda General on the call.  Some questions were asked and answered that make it look likely that if Mai Ly can confirm the interest of students and faculty at the University that it could be "beneficial to all concerned" to formalize the arrangement and move forward.  Because the interested students at A.T.Still are graduate students in medical fields, the satellite can be an incubator for new Rotarians, many of whom will relocate following graduation, so there will be more turnover than would be desired for them to ever likely want to become chartered.  The satellite club members, if we do move forward, would be members of Mesa West Rotary Club, and they would have a Chairman and Chairman-Elect rather than President and Vice President.  They would have independent meetings, but visitations, good communication, joint projects and fellowship would be strongly encouraged.  At this point, the satellite is an attractive possibility, but not yet a reality.
    • Dan Coons reported on Youth Exchange.  We have two outbound students and are involved with two inbound, although the student residing with the Goetzenbergers is actually sponsored by another club in the District.
    • Lucinda reported on the work that her committee is doing to update our official club documents.  The Constitution and Bylaws are currently being revised to conform with Rotary International recommended language and our club's unique practices.  Before the subject of the satellite club came up, the revisions already included include wording that would support this relatively new way of expanding Rotary.  Lucinda was happy to report that if the new documents are ratified by the club, no new revisions would be necessary if we do move forward with hosting the satellite.
    • Jim Schmidt provided a brief financial report.  There is about $4,000 in the Club Operating Account and about $93,000  in foundation funds.  We are tracking where we should be according to our budget/actual tracking.
    • Chris Krueger announced that officers have been identified for the 2018-19 Rotary Year with Jim Schmidt to be President-Elect, Donna Goetzenberger as Secretary and Dan Coons as President-Nominee.  Jim Schmidt feels he can continue as Treasurer while preparing for his year as President.  A Community Service Chair is needed for 2018-19.  Don LaBarge and Don Boucher are going to work together on membership engagement.  She encouraged members to let her know what their passions are so she can assign them to committees where they will enjoy being engaged.
    • President Allan thanked Steve Ross and Jack Rosenberg for the high quality programs we have enjoyed so far this year.