Official greeter, Jack Rosenberg, welcomed Rotarians and guests to the meeting, which opened with Dick Myren offering the Invocation and Bob Zarling leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  Ray Smith led those present in song.  
President-Elect Jim Schmidt was the recipient of $10 when his badge number was drawn in the attendance drawing.  Dick Myren received $28.00 as the holder of the winning ticket in the weekly drawing. His attempt to draw the ace of clubs to win the accumulating pot was foiled when he drew the six of hearts.
Happy Bucks
Dr. Ron paid fine for not being at meetings.  John Pennypacker told of recent unpleasant dental procedures and made sure to relate he was not talking about Dr. Ron.  Dick Myren paid $1 remembering our honorary member, Rod Daniels, $5 because Sandy is back home and $5 for winning the weekly drawing.  Former member Paul Richardson was happy to be visiting.  Penny May contributed thanking the Alaska oil permanent fund for her ability to contribute $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation permanent fund.  Lee Holmes contributed $20 to the Polio fund.  Bob Zarling had attended the Westwood High School Interact Club meeting and reported it was awesome!  Jim Schmidt contributed $100 Paul Harris donation for his birthday.  DGE David Simmer was a guest.  Greg Okonowski made a $100 Paul Harris donation.  Howard Hill was visiting from Panama, as a guest of PDG Don Kelly.  Karen Chavez said she would know next week if she is cancer free.
The answer to the name of AG Lee Holmes African project, which was featured at Mesa West's September 27 meeting, is "Blessman International."
John Pennypacker introduced PDG Gary Whiting who enthusiastically spoke of the Sun Lakes Rotary Club's 2018-19 Navajo Water Project, which is a "Humanitarian" Global Grant through The Rotary Foundation.
The Navajo population is approximately 200,000 living on 24,000 square miles of remote desert land.  70,000 of that population are without indoor tap water and/or toilet.  44% of children on the reservation are in poverty.
The average American consumes 100 gallons of water each day.  The average Navajo consumes 7 gallons per day.  They go two weeks on what the average American uses in a single day.
For $4,500 a home water system including 1,200 gallon an in-ground cistern, pump, sink, solar panel, storage battery, and all necessary connections and grey water leach field can be fully installed.
With extension cords, one installation can serve seven homes.  Participating in this project, can effect dramatic changes in the life and health of people who are not far from us in miles but very far from us in our quality of daily living.  Water is Life.
Many thanks to Pam Cohen and Frank Rosenberg for taking notes and sending them to your Messenger editor.