Many Mesa West Rotarians may already know that Chuck Flint travels, twice yearly, to a small fishing village on the Mexican mainland, on the Sea of Cortes, with Rotary Youth Exchange students.  This is a primitive (they just received electricity 3 years ago - no water yet) village that he has been visiting since 1970.  The YE kids will get to see the wonderful Sonoran Desert, hike two mountains in it, and kayak and swim in the sea.

This will be done with two other Rotarians, both from Phoenix 100.  They stay in a 2 -bedroom apartment that has concrete floors and block walls and a tin roof - you do not want to be there when it rains, which is quite rare.

Chuck is asking that his fellow Rotarians check to see if they have any used clothing that they might wish to donate.  Chuck rents from the same person that he has always rented from, but she is now a 75-year old widow. He is trying to bring her some clothing that she may sell or otherwise distribute to the 150 or so inhabitants of this declining fishing village.  Chuck is definitely NOT asking for money  - only used clothing.  Chuck, himself, and the other Rotarians take care of the expenses for the trip, so it is of no charge to the YE kids.

If you have some clothing or usable household items that you wish to donate, please bring them to the meeting today, Thursday, December 14.

Chuck thanks you in advance for your help.