Twelve Mesa West Rotarians attended the District Conference June 1-2.  Shown left to right in the photo are Chris Krueger, John Pennypacker, Bob Zarling, Jeanie Morgan, Frank Rosenberg, Pam Cohen, Lucinda General, Allan Cady, Polly Cady, Bryan and Donna Goetzenberger.  Not shown, but also in attendance was Don LaBarge.  In the center of the photo is a Peace Pole like many clubs have planted in public locations in our district and throughout the world.
May 31, the day prior to the conference, John Pennypacker, Bob Zarling, Jeanie Morgan, and Frank Rosenberg attended the Pursuing Peace conference hosted by District 5495.  They heard excellent speakers make presentations on the subject of peace.  Rotary, world-wide, is becoming a leading force in promoting peace.  Slightly over half of those who attending this event were non-Rotarian community leaders.
Although there were many outstanding speakers and breakout sessions, there was some fun to be had at the conference, as well.  The hospitality night on Friday night featured themed hospitality suites providing food and hosted by areas within our district.  The hospitality suites surrounded a grassy park-like setting where many attendees chose to gather to socialize after their appetites for food had been satisfied. 
Saturday evening provided some fun entertainment following dinner, the likes of which none of our club members had ever experienced before.